Calling Out My Own BS

This past week, the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have been calling BS. They've called it on everything from the weak arguments in the gun debate, to the fact that they are too young to know how to make a change. To say that I'm inspired is an understatement. Their actions and leadership have caused me look at my own life and clear out my own BS. 

Holding on to BS stinks. It slows me down. It keeps me from moving towards where I want to be, where I need to be. Holding on to BS can clear the area around me. It can cause me to do things that are not aligned with who I am and push people away. When I hold on to BS I can see myself act in desperate ways. After all, in Berne Brown's Braving the Wilderness she states: "Desperate times call for desperate measures and desperate measures are often fertilized with bullshit." 

When there's a lot going on in my life, it can operate on inertia and I can forget to clear the BS. So it's time to do some clearing out. 

Thinking that my life has to follow the path that other people put in front of me. I call BS.

Keeping myself small instead of showing up big and being my best me. I call BS.

Not speaking up because it makes others uncomfortable. I call BS.

Choosing to react out of fear instead of love because it is easier and what I've always done. I call BS. 

Thinking that I don't have time. Time to build and live the life that I want. Time to take that trip. Time to make the best decision. Time to explore. I call BS.

Believing that every thought in my head is true. I call BS.

Being a victim instead of being empowered. I call BS.

Eating a food, drinking a drink, doing a thing to make someone else comfortable. I call BS.

Choosing a difficult life over one of ease. I call BS.

Thinking that I will never have enough money to do what I really want in life. I call BS.

Believing I'm not good enough. I call BS.

That's better. I can breathe again.