Everything Can Change in 12 Weeks

12 weeks ago, I invested in me and I ended up changing my whole world. 

It all stated with a Facebook Ad. "Bring Your Soul to Work", it said. I was intrigued so I clicked. That's when I saw Coach Mo's Webinar about 5 Steps she took to create her six-figure career. I said, this seems interesting, I'll sign up for a webinar. The only time that worked for me was 8 a.m. the next morning - Saturday morning. I went to bed thinking, if I sleep in, I can always watch the recording. 

I woke up at 7:55 a.m. (I am convinced this was not an accident.) I got up, turned on my computer and started my journey to where I am now. In the past 12 weeks I have:

  • Found my life's purpose
  • Forgave myself
  • Stopped doing what wasn't serving me
  • Learned how to listen to myself
  • Found more time in the day
  • Asked for what I needed
  • Stood in my power
  • Swung for the fences
  • Changed my self talk
  • Sought out more people who can help guide me to a better me
  • Received love from my family for the first time in a long time
  • Became an example for myself
  • Became an example for others
  • Realized what is real and what isn't 
  • Let non-serving relationships die
  • Got comfortable with calm
  • Stopped shaming my body
  • Fell in love with myself
  • Shed the pain of the past
  • Gained confidence
  • Learned how to deliberately create my future
  • Went from victim to observer
  • Gave other people the opportunity to be responsible
  • Stopped seeking negative attention to feel loved
  • Felt connected to everyone in the world
  • Cleaned up my chakras  
  • Felt my future before it happened
  • Made new lifetime connections with people
  • Didn't worry about the how
  • Changed my relationship with money
  • Became a truer me
  • Kept going

Would you believe that this is list was written by someone who defined herself as "depression" 12 weeks ago? Would you believe that this list was written by someone who constantly told her body that it wasn't [fill in the blank] enough? Would you believe this list was written by someone who was like a magnet for responsibility and blame? Well, believe it, because it was. 

I share this because I want to remember that it's always worth investing in me. Just as it is for you to invest in you. You never know where that Facebook Ad, Tweet, or a conversation that speaks to you will lead you to discover. 

Coach Mo and her team are amazing. If you are looking to change your life, they are just the people to guide you.