2017: I'm Coming for You!

I'm 34 years old and never in my life have a planned for a year like I have for 2017. One day, it just hit me:

Marissa, you can plan and strategize to achieve at work, why not do the same for your personal life? 

Seems obvious, no? Well, sometimes, I'm a slow learner. :)

I've spent a lot of my life talking, but not enough of my life walking what I talk. So in an effort to close the gap between my walk and my talk I decided to make this the focus of 2017. Grown-ups would call this authenticity, I suppose. 

 So here's what I did, I mind mapped what I want 2017 to look like and came up with this mantra for the year - walk the walk.

 Here it is in all it's glory. Well, kinda still a work in progress, but you get the the idea.

Here it is in all it's glory. Well, kinda still a work in progress, but you get the the idea.

I thought I'd share with you the process of how I got to my final mind map. 

  • Dear Future Me - I wrote a letter to my future self. This allowed me to visualize what I thought "End of 2017 Marissa" would have been through. 
  • Defined My Needs - Again, I know this sounds simple, but have you ever stopped to think about what your needs are? There are basics that come to mind the food and shelter, but what about those other ones. To find out, I took out my journal and made a list. Then, for each item on the list, I wrote a way I could meet that need.
  • Defined My Values - How are values different than needs? Well, this is how I see them. Needs are like cake and values are like icing. Values make the basic version of me even better. In order to find out what my values are I again made a list in my journal and then wrote questions I could ask myself to help me figure out if a choice is aligned with my values.

After I had these basics figured out, I could now move to making a mind map. 

  • In the middle I put the year and my year's mantra.
  • Then I took my values and made them a block. 
  • Off of each block, I noted things I could to to support those values. One might say these are goals or resolutions. In the strategic world, these are my tactics. 
  • Then I found quotes about my mantra and surrounded the map with them.

The whole process took me a day, but I hope that the work pays off all year. I will be documenting some of my progress here on this site, so stay tuned.