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    Calling Out My Own BS

    This past week, the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have been calling BS. They've called it on everything from the weak arguments in the gun debate, to the fact that they are too young to know how to make a change. To say that I'm inspired is an understatement. Their actions and leadership have caused me look at my own life and clear out my own BS. 

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    My Mental Health Evolution

    There's a push and a pull now. There is an old and a new.A light and a heavy.It is because I am changing - I am becoming. 

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    What Has Changed Since Learning to Trust Myself

    Since trusting that I am the best person to take care of my life, things have just gotten better. I mean, I'm not rolling in dough nor is my bucket list completely checked off; but the amount of worry and anxiety in my life has gone WAY down.I think the best way I can explain what is happening is to list the things I no longer put energy behind. 

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    13 Ways I’m Celebrating Independence Day

    Ever since I was young, The 4th of July has been my favorite holiday. It started because it was the only holiday I didn't have to wear a dress and I could hang out with my friends all day. Some of my favorite memories are going to see the fireworks with my friends who lived on the block. As I grew older, my interest in history brought a new perspective on this holiday and I began to love it even more.

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